Extreme Heat in Central Us This Week Due to Heat Dome

The expanding heat dome will bring us heat to parts of the central United States This week amid the challenging tropical storms in the country, bringing record highs, including in the South and Midwest.

At the beginning of August, depressing temperatures were recorded in the United States, especially in the northeast, southwest, South and Midwest. In California, the weather may be easing due to tropical Storm Hilary.

According to the National Weather Service (NWS), rising temperatures are likely in the south, the plains and the Midwest. The high-pressure dome could bring weather conditions this week.

The NWS consultant said severe storms could be possible in theain west, south Texas and the northwest.

Challenging temperatures in parts of the United States.

In addition, heat warnings exist in parts of Texas, Minnesota and Wisconsin. According to the forecast, disruptive temperatures could reach 120 F in the United States This week.


In South Texas, the forecast predicted that beneficial rains could unfold in the region and help improve drought conditions. The forecast indicated that the rainy conditions could lead to possible landslides, coastaling anding in cities.

Triple-digit temperatures could become a problem, as high temperatures can lead to heat-related illnesses, including heat exhaustion and stress.

Americans with travel plans should keep an eye out for the potential extreme heat this week. Limiting outdoor activities would help prevent potential health.

Homeowners without air conditioning may be at It is better to look for possible cooler environments to alleviate the difficult heat of this week.

Tropical Storm Harold

The weather forecast is monitoring tropical Storm Harold, which made landfall on Padre Island in Texas. According to the National Hurricane Center (NHC), tropical Storm Harold has been tracked from west to Northwest and could probably hit parts of southern Texas and northern Mexico.

The tropical storm could bring heavy rains to parts of south Texas on Wednesday, which could cause possibleing in cities and flashs. Severe weather conditions could also be likely in northern Nuevo Leon, northern Coalhulia and parts of Mexico.

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