To Assist with Taking Beaver Back to Tn Ellsworth Protect

The Ellsworth Creek Reserve of the nature reserve, which inhabits the ancestral homelands of the Willapa and the Lower Chinook, has and remains a variety of hundreds of teachers. Plants and animals are landscape informants. At Ellsworth, we are learning the cyclical teachings of salmon. We understand the resilience of old-growth conifers and the sensitivity of the marbled logs that nest there. We can even repair some injuries.

Beavers were hunted to extinction when the Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC) occupied many forts around the Columbia River in the seventeenth century. The Columbia River stretches for about 1,243 miles from the Rockyains of British Columbia to the Pacific Ocean. As the HBC moved westward, it continued the dominance of the fur trade over living beings. The beaver that has been targeted and turned into hats is a key species. Once the beaver populations were decimated, the injuries became more and more serious.

The role of the beaver as a key species is the engineer of the country. Within a few minutes, they begin to change countries. Gnawing on softwoods gives them a special triad of benefits, food and dental care — and leads to the fall of a tree. In a few hours you will create a foundation for your family cottage. Damming a stream or river with logs and saturating the gaps with mud. As their construction continues, a body of water accumulates. Within a few days, the water is filtered through the beaver house, thus reducing the turbidity downstream. The water that has accumulated becomes slower, cooler and deeper. It is now a more advantageous nursery for fish, amphibians and birds. Beavers have changed the landscape and every animal benefits from it.

After conservation preserved the Ellsworth Creek Preserve in the early 2000s, scar remain on the land today from nearly a hundred Year of logging history. The effects of clearcutting affect the forest engineer. The absence of softwoods such as willow, poplar and willow dogwood limits the return of beavers and the know-how of their huts.


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